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Research Slides

The following links show pdf-formatted summary slides. NOTE: some are storage iintensive.


Perla Balbuena
Computational chemistry and physics applied to design of catalysts and other materials
Peter Kuchment
Graph models of meso-/nano-structures; mathematics of photonic crystals
Joseph Ross
Magnetic and electronic properties of clathrates and new cage-structured materials
Greg Spencer
Advanced nanolithography of semiconductor and molecular-based materials; design and simulation of micromachines and robots
Wenhao Wu
Controlled nanofabrication of wires and other structures; low-temperature study of superconducting films and wires


Lauren Ferguson
Lyaponov exponent estimation for hysteretic systems
Darren Hartl, Brent Volk
Shape memory materials experiment and constitutive modeling
Tracey Wellington
Magnetic and transport studies of molecular magnets
Kristen Williams
Light-activated molecular conductivity in the photoreactions of Vitamin D3

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